Benefits of Yoga

What is it & Why to Practise?

Yoga is being at ease with oneself beyond all comparisons. It is to be what we truly are and not trying to become what we are not. True yoga is to live in the mystery of life without demystifying it. Dropping attachment to body, mind and sentiments and resting within pure consciousness is Yoga. It is the understanding that transforms, not the idea about it. Yoga is awakening of the intelligence buried beneath the conditionings.

Benefits of Yoga

Purifying the Body & Mind

At Mukta Hatha Yoga, we practise a yoga that nurtures our physical, energetic, mental and spiritual body. The practice of postures, breath work, and other ancient techniques, done with discipline and awareness, helps to purify the body and prepare it for a more mindful and peaceful way of living.

Long ago in India, it was discovered that physical practise of Yoga and breathing can help to prevent and/or cure many physicals and psychosomatic ailments that our modern societies are facing increasingly. When associated with an authentic study of the mind and meditation, it can bring tremendous results on our general well-being.

Living in a world full of stimulations, having very little time for ourselves, leads us to overeat, overthink and over sex. As a result, body and mind loose its sensitivity and we become anxious, stressed, drained, unsatisfied, which eventually leads to digestive disorders, inflammations, physical pains, and a feeling of meaninglessness.

Now, Modern Sciences and Quantum Physics are reaching the same realization than Mystics did millennium ago: our physical body is intricately linked with our mind. In a way, the body is a mirror of the mind and the other way around. If the brain accepts what we say, think and believe, our body will just be a reflection of it. That’s why Yoga is a science that can bring oneself back to its original bliss, by breaking and re-educating physical, mental and emotional bad habits, patterns or conditions.

Which means, a healthy body can support a healthy mind, and a healthy mind can trigger a healthy body! That’s why at Mukta Community, we combine a practice of Yoga with breathing, meditation, self-inquiry and the right diet and life style.

Let’s have a look at the most physical and mental benefits of yoga:

  • Cleanse and boost the whole body and its subtle channels of energies
  • Harmonize the nervous system
  • Improve strength and stamina
  • Enhance will power and inner confidence
  • Boost the immune system
  • Increase balance, flexibility and easiness with the body
  • Relieve stress, restlessness, anxiety, irritability, psychosomatic disorders
  • Vitalize the senses to be more in tune with the surroundings
  • Promote relaxation, the art of letting go and gentleness
  • Sparkle love, inner tranquillity and peace, at home and at work
  • Increase the ability of the third eyes for clairvoyance and intuition
  • Free up cluttered mind to create space for creativity and spontaneous living
  • Help with breathing, back pain, arthrosis, migraines, chronic pain
  • Improve blood circulation and heart health
  • Reduce chronic digestive disorders, skin issues, inflammations
  • Release physical and mental tensions
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Help towards a healthy food habits
  • Ultimately, bring abundance in life: from a successful career to harmonious relationships and a healthy body

And it’s not just about postures

It doesn’t matter how we perform the exercises; what matters is the way we do them. For us; there is no level or previous Yoga experience needed, because Yoga is not a performance or a sport, Yoga is awareness and presence in the moment.

Combines with proper breathwork, Yoga is an harmonious dance between all dimensions of our being, involving all parts of our body. The art of “practising yoga” is all about listening to our body with our heart rather than performing a posture with our mind.

So what matter for us is to guide each student on how to flow gently with their body and not against it, how to bring inner attention to all sensations, avoiding any force, so the body can melt and surrender with life.

Being spiritual is not about gymnastic or being able to sit crossed legged. It is when our truth is aligned with our life, when we can manifest our full being without following any system, guru, belief, culture, genes, without trying to become someone, or searching for happiness in the future.

Perfect alignment is when we open up all the senses to manifest life as it comes in the fresh moment, beyond self-limitations.

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