Breathwork: a key to heal & empower our being with love

Conscious breathwork and pranayama is an extremely powerful yogic tool during all our teachings at Mukta Hatha Yoga, that can radically change our life. Whether we are doing a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, a workshop or using specific breathing during yoga and meditation, breathwork supports inner transformation and peace, self-healing, and allows us to access different dimensions of our being.

As we consciously breath, we bring life force, fresh oxygen and energy to areas of our body that are most of the time deprived of it, due to a busy life style, which eventually leads us to loose our sensitivity. Here, thanks to different techniques which have been scientifically proven by Modern Science and spiritually proven by Mystics, we energize and empower our whole being, from the physical body to the subtle body.

Instantly, breathwork reactivates and revitalizes our senses, enhances relaxation by releasing muscles tensions, purifies our blood, strengthen our heart, help to rewire our brain, rejuvenate our cells, detox in depth our digestive system, helps to loose weight, and ultimately, it boosts our whole immune system for a healthy living.

But that’s not it. Breathwork/Pranayama is not just for physical health, it is also an excellent tool for our mental and emotional health.

Indeed, it helps to release stored negative emotions and to calm down the mind. By creating a peaceful and silent space within, it allows us to see ourselves, our beliefs, dramas and daily challenges from a fresher and clearer perspective, and boost focus, concentration and awareness.

Our senses enhanced and our mind quieter, we can feel more grounded to allow our essence to bloom in the moment. We can sense life as it comes and let its bliss expand all over, to live with more totality instead of mentally searching for happiness on the basis of beliefs and preconceptions. Because living with our totality whatever we do, without the trace of the past, can only bring fulfilment in life.

When practised at the right time, with the right instructions, along with Yoga and Meditation, breathwork is a golden key to harmony, clarity, and be loving and easy with oneself and others.

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