What is Meditation?

Meditation is living life in its totality. It is when the meditator disappears and remains pure silence with its presence. Meditation is seeing things as they are, not as we want to see and allowing life to unfold its blissful mystery.

This is the spiritual science to allow ourselves to be aware and understand our daily living, feelings, thinking, sentiments, to live a fresh life without any confusion.

Meditating is not becoming spiritual or worldly. It is not a growth or search to reach some heaven in the future as expressed by spiritual consumerism. It is you here and now. Transcendence happens as we are ready to see ourselves with total acceptance. There is no gap between us and reality.

Most of the approaches are consciously and unconsciously responsible to create judgement, fear and guilt in us and we are divided. How can a divided person understand the organic unity of life if the first step does not come out of freedom? Then how freedom can come at the last step?

It is easy to agree and disagree, it is not the question of any agreement. It is accepting yourself and just be beyond good and bad, happy or unhappy, holy and unholy, future and past. Nobody here is deciding what is wrong or right but our own conditioned mind which keeps living in duality. So it is up to oneself to go beyond freedom and slavery and flow with no boundaries.

Benefits of Meditation

Understanding the nature of ones’ own mind without judging is an essential key to let go the mind. Meditation helps us to see more clearly with new perspective and to live without the burden of past.

Through meditation, we can learn to let go our negative emotions such as fears, anxiety, stress, traumas, depression, restlessness, attachment, tiredness, anger, guilt, forgetfulness, worry, sadness, shame, jealousy. When all these blocks are gone, then remains only pure space full of love, relaxation and creativity.

Importance of Eastern Wisdom

The true essence of Asiatic Mysticism teaches something totally different. It teaches total acceptance of one’s true nature without analysing or comparing. There is nothing to achieve because true fulfilment can only come when you accept yourself as you truly are. Many systems teaches us to be what we are not and that is the cause of all problems. Loving oneself unconditionally is the key to live a fulfilled life. A life that is fulfilled is free and a free person acts to create a wonderful life.

Our Training at Mukta Hatha Yoga are specially designed around different types of meditation and Spiritual Talks/Satsang, awareness, presence, to support all to find and embody their fundamental nature, so love and harmony can flow and be shared with others.

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