What is Mukta Hatha Yoga?

Mukta Hatha Yoga is a Traditional Hatha, Chakras & Kundalini Yoga

The Yoga of Awareness & Oneness!

Eastern Science to Purify the Body, Mind & Heart

Yoga is not a religion but the Science of the soul which doesn’t depend on any belief system, rather seeing truth as it is beyond all attachments, illusions and false hopes, without distorting reality according to our own desires. It is a state of pure awareness where all the mental fluctuations are silent and thoughts are dissolved. Yoga is not a philosophy, it is a way of living and experiencing life with awareness. It is about dying to each passing moment to live in the present without the interference of any memory and letting go the mind which is conditioned for millennia. It is concerned with the transformation of our total being beyond all intellectualization.

It teaches us femininity or the psychology of moon energy repressed for too long due to male oriented societies based on intellect rather than feelings. Femininity is the nourishment for love and intimacy. There is no meaning and colors in life without love. Femininity is an art of surrendering one’s dry logical mind to the mystery of life which can not be understood with a male intellect only. From the depth of femininity, compassion and forgiveness is born. Femininity has the power to melt all the sufferings to celebrate love and the abundance in life. And love is the medicine of all problems.

Mukta Hatha Yoga helps step-by-step to purify the body, feelings and mind through asana, pranayama, chakras, mantras, sounds, kundalini, kriyas, meditations and understanding of mind, its modifications, distractions and fluctuations. Patanjali Yoga (Raja Yoga) is a scientific self-inquiry, an effort to become more alert and aware of our habits, patterns in order to dissolve all the darkness, suffering and limitations and to reveal our true nature. It teaches us to train our body, mind and soul to align with the reality of life in order to live a harmonious life.

Spiritual Science of Living in the Moment & Presence

In Yoga, all postures or asanas are tools to create the centering and witnessing, to become aware and still to experience thoughtlessness. When body is still, mind is still too, and vice-versa. In the postures, we are not really concerned with the body only, rather we are concerned with the totality to be. Yoga is not only practised in a Yoga class but also in every moment of our life, in all daily activities, at home, at work, when we think, feel, breath, etc.

You are not just a thinker rather you are a pure being witnessing the bliss of life. Only a silent mind is in a state of true yoga and can be called a yogi. In stillness, we are present to what is, so there is no space left for the false self to be there.

Yoga teaches us inner discipline, not an escape. Yoga helps us to create an order or a harmonious crystallised centre of witnessing and awareness. A person who is centered is naturally balanced and at peace. Discipline means capacity to be, to know and to learn.

So mastery of the body & mind is Yoga.

Only when we understand ourselves, we can use our mind efficiently in the modern world so eventually it becomes no-mind. Otherwise when it starts using us, we become the slave. Here Patanjali is concerned with the knowing not with the knowledge, and collecting information is not true knowledge. True knowledge is when mind is empty from all the thoughts.

Science of Kundalini Awakening through the Chakras

Mukta Hatha Yoga is the science to awaken the Kundalini by activating and purifying the Chakras and merging the Sun and Moon energy, also called Ida and Pingala Nadis, in the Sushumna Nadi. When 10 millions sun and moon dissolve, we can experience the great cosmic orgasm. That’s why we say it is a journey from duality to non-duality to experience oneness and union within, beyond inner conflict. Kundalini awakening is ending of all the sufferings and beginning of eternal bliss.

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A Key to Decode the Unconscious Mind

Yoga is Science to understand oneself, a step-by-step conscious process to unfold the layers of our unconsciousness to let the inner light shines.

It is not an intellectualization of the truth, rather a practical methodology to achieve it. It is not a philosophy to analyse rather a conscious practice of awareness to penetrate the unconscious mind in order to transform it. It is rooting into our core being, and not into thinking.

According to Patanjali, a true yogi lives here and now and he may not be a scholar of the yoga philosophy because only knowing all the scriptures of yoga doesn’t mean you are a yogi. The words only can not be a substitute for the essence.

Science of Emotional Intelligence & Intuition

Mukta Hatha Yoga is a science of dropping and dissolving the artificial mind created by ego and society to discover our original intuitive mind. We use this methodology to find our original face hidden behind the conditioned mask. It is like a rebirth. It is not a science of repression but on the contrary a science of abundance as the energy rises higher and higher, we let go all the limits to taste the limitless eternity. Yoga postures are one of the methodologies to break the physical and mental blocks to unlock the intuition which is covered by the dust of intellect.

So Yoga is giving birth to our spiritual bodies. In a normal life, we mostly explore the first body, the physical one, through eating, sleeping, making love, etc. In Yoga, we explore the bodies beyond physical energy.

A Healthy Holistic Way of Living

Patanjali says, to go deep, we need a healthy body. That’s why it teaches a healthy holistic life. The definition of health is resting within oneself, within our own true nature. When our all being is alive, fully vital, when energy is not licking into false desires, dreams and hopes, that is considered a holy, healthy person. That’s why we use pranayama, asanas, kriyas, mantras, and other tools to help cure and prevent disease, and still the mind. Only a still mind is a holly mind, when no thought or pattern interferes. And when energy is not licking then energy starts rising higher and higher towards the high chakras or to your pure being. When energy is flowing and showering on oneself, that state is called the state of Pure Consciousness, represented through the symbol of Shiva lingam. When energy is preserved, it has the potential to create something.

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