Donation Methods

By Credit/Debit Card

Using HelloAsso platform is free of charge on both ends, unless you have a non-Euros cards, your bank may apply fees. Limit it by using TransferWise option just next.

It is a non-profit payment platform for non-profit charities, to avoid transaction banking fees for any donations.

The platform facilitator integrates in ‘My Summary’ an option for you to contribute to their functioning, you can modify the amount or decide to not contribute.

Bank Transfer or Non-Euros Card

Alternatively, if you prefer Bank Transfer or have a non-Euros credit/debit, we strongly recommend using Wise (previously TransferWise). They give a great currency exchange rate and small transaction fees, it is very secure and easy. Only possible for single donation. You will need the following details:

  • Sending the money to New Recipient: Business or Charity
  • Email:
  • IBAN: FR76 1660 6100 1584 8710 1543 095
  • Bank: Credit Agricole Normandie
  • Account name: Mukta Community
  • Reference for Mukta Community: Donation

Thank you for your trust and kindness.

Mukta Community

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