Frequently Asked Questions

Online Events

Are online retreat/training really effective?

Yes, it is! Please find out more about why in this article

What do I need?

– A stable internet connexion

– Reliable electronic devise(s)

– Yoga mat/block/chair/couch

– Water/tea

How can I create the right environment at home?

– Organise a supporting environment: prepare a cosy and quiet space where you feel comfortable and private

– Make yourself free from the usual distractions: close all tabs and software on your computer, switch off your phone or put it in ‘do not disturb’ mode if you attend the retreat from it.

– Inform your family/people you live with you not to interrupt you.

– Keep your schedule clear, allow yourself some peace and time for contemplation; during breaks, do any activity that makes you feel good, go for a walk in nature, be in silence, play some music, dance, bath, etc.

– Have some light food and early sleep.

Do I have to follow the program?

If you are sincere and committed, we recommend you to follow entirely the schedule since the sessions have been designed progressively.

How to access the online event?

The live event will be held via Zoom App. You can access the application via any device (smartphone, tablet, computer or TV).

Download Zoom Software/App for free here and test your video and audio connexion here

Shortly before it starts, we will send you a link to access the “Retreat/Training Room”. It is easy to use so you won’t have any troubles following the live sessions.

What is the timezone?

All times in the schedule are listed in Paris timezone – CET

Can I watch the event later/in replay?

Sorry, the online events are only accessible in live streaming.


Can I ask a question to Mukta during his Talk/Satsang?

Yes! For logistic online reasons, Mukta will only take written questions before his Talk/Satsang, and may read it (anonymously) or discuss the topic directly during the session.

Please make sure your question is honest, simple, an related to your daily life.

Which language is spoken during the events?


Basic to intermediate level is fine. It is all about your openness to receive through your heart and language can not be a barrier.


What are the administration fees for?

To help covering the unescapable fees related to the existence of the charity such as: website hosting, IT maintenance, online teaching platforms and gears, accountancy, furniture, etc.

How much should I donate?

Your contribution is totally according to your financial capacity and what your heart says. If you are unsure how much to donate, you can always ask us the price market of the event you are attending.

Mukta Community is a non-profit charity committed to offer selflessly the teachings of Eastern Wisdom and keep alive what spirituality is truly about: a heart to heart connexion. The teachers and Mukta are teaching voluntarily, which means the charity can only sustain thanks to the generosity and trust of the students, and other hearts donating unconditionally.

You can read more about Donate & Support

When should I donate?

You are welcome to make a donation anytime before, during or at the end of the retreat, by simply clicking here.

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